28 May 2015 @ 04:59 pm
And another round of Board customizations are up

The Walking Dead (http://www.fanforum.com/f402/)
Television (http://www.fanforum.com/f40/)
Smash (http://www.fanforum.com/f405/)
The Following (http://www.fanforum.com/f404/)
Music (http://www.fanforum.com/f22/)
Roswell (http://www.fanforum.com/f12/)
Mila Kunis (http://www.fanforum.com/f408/)
The 80s (http://www.fanforum.com/f129/)
Nathan Fillion (http://www.fanforum.com/f410/)
Role Playing (http://www.fanforum.com/f37/)
Under The Dome (http://www.fanforum.com/f92/)

Please visit those as well and check out the great work that has been done on them! :)
28 May 2015 @ 12:59 am

Hilarie Ross Burton, born July 1st 1982, is an American actress and producer. She is most famous for her portrayal of Peyton Sawyer on the WB/CW drama One Tree Hill. She became even more well known after landing leading roles in movies like Our Very Own, Solstice and The List. She also starred as Sara Ellis on the USA crime drama White Collar and had a recurring role as Dr. Lauren Boswell on the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

The Hilarie Burton board has been a part of FanForum for an impressive 10 years! It opened in January 2005, just in time for One Tree Hill returning from hiatus in its second season. It had several moderators over the years, the current being Colleen {msstock87} who was appointed in February 2014 and Petra {Summer Falls} who was appointed in December of the same year. They always make sure the board is a great community to be involved in so all posters can be free to post about Hilarie, discuss their favourite roles that she's done whether it's in movies or TV shows, and just share their love for her. They also have a Twitter account for updates about Hilarie and the board.

Head over to the board now and jump into any of the following threads where you'll find most of the discussion. The Hilarie/Chad & Lucas/Peyton thread, nicknamed CHemistry, is by far the most popular thread on the board since the OTH couple were always very loved by fans. They also love talking about the other relationships from the show like Brooke/Peyton and Peyton/Haley and consequntly the off-screen relationships between Hilarie/Sophia and Hilarie/Joy. The News thread is another active thread, that's where the posters discuss the most recent news and updates about Hilarie and her career. which has been gaining momentum for sure. They've mostly been talking about Hilarie and Stephen Colletti reminiscing about 'One Tree Hill' during a Q&A and Hilarie's guest-starring role on Forever.

If you're in the mood to just appreciate Hilarie and her gorgeous features, there are threads particularly for her hair and eyes for example, even her fashion. If you enjoy posting in Game threads, the posters always have fun on those threads. They also love posting artistic things on the Art, Icon and FanFiction threads.

So in short, if you're a fan of Hilarie's or any of her characters, you can head over to the Hilarie Burton Board and you'll have a place where you can share your love for this actress and her different roles with other fans who are as much fans as you. They would love having more people to talk about Hil with!
27 May 2015 @ 08:25 pm
We are currently looking for new partnersites/blogs for www.fanforum.com and it would be lovely if you would spread the word for us.

The fandoms we are currently looking for are:

Orange is the New Black, Soaps, Emma Stone, Eva Green, Agent Carter, Sherlock, Josh Hutcherson, X-Men, Books and Writing, Youtubers, Katie Cassidy and Ed Sheeran.

We are looking for frequently updated fansites/blogs dedicated to the listed fandoms above. Personal Blogs where the fandoms are a part of the updates might not be accepted.

Please feel free to contact us via: affiliates@fanforum.com
27 May 2015 @ 03:37 pm
The following boards have been customized

Beverly Hills 90210 (http://www.fanforum.com/f265/)
CSI (http://www.fanforum.com/f110/)
Darren Criss (http://www.fanforum.com/f406/)
David Boreanaz (http://www.fanforum.com/f64/)
Elementary (http://www.fanforum.com/f407/)
ER (http://www.fanforum.com/f54/)
Fan Art (http://www.fanforum.com/f51/)
Gilmore Girls (http://www.fanforum.com/f56/)
Hannibal (http://www.fanforum.com/f120/)
Info Center (http://www.fanforum.com/f20/)

Stop by the boards and check out the great new colours and banners. A big thank you to the Graphics Team, their managers Rae and Mel and Goldenboy who sets them up.
25 May 2015 @ 08:19 pm
We have a new affiliate! We are happy to announce a new partnership with "Adoring Sabrina Carpenter". Feel free to visit this great site for all sorts of news, updates and pictures relating to Sabrina and her Girl Meets World character, Maya.

Head over to the ‪Girl Meets World forum and help me welcome this site and its owner, Breena, to the FanForum family.

23 May 2015 @ 04:01 pm
Starting June 1st, the posters on the Stephen Amell Board will be doing a complete episode rewatch of Arrow, spanning the Summer. It'll be a lot of fun rewatching those episodes and discussing what you liked and disliked about the episodes, your favorite scenes, any memorable quotes and stand-out characters. So head over the board and join in the preparation for this fun board rewatch.

22 May 2015 @ 07:49 pm
We are pleased to announce that we have a new partnership at our The 80s board! Everything80s.Co.Uk is a leading source for 80s pop culture!

20 May 2015 @ 03:02 pm
We are pleased to announce that we have a new partnership at our Taylor Swift board, Tay-Swift.Com! Taylor Swift Fans is an ultimate source for everything related to Taylor Swift!

20 May 2015 @ 11:52 am
The Colin O'Donoghue and Colin Hanks boards are holding a Posting Challenge in June! Posters who sign up on the board that ends up winning get to enjoy a Custom Title throughout the month of July.

So what are waiting for? Sign up now at O'Donoghue or Hanks and get ready for a month full of crazy fun posting.

20 May 2015 @ 03:27 am
We have a new affiliate! We are happy to announce a new partnership with RoseMcIverSource.Net. Feel free to visit this great site for all sorts of news and updates relating to Rose McIver, including her lead role as Liv in iZombie.

Head over to the iZombie forum and help me welcome this site and its webmiss, Stephanie.